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Youth Pub Night at The Queen Charlotte

The Queen Charlotte (London Road, SP10 2PR) has agreed to give the idea one more try so it will again open as a “Youth Pub” on Wednesday 13th October it runs from 6:30pm until 9pm, the top bar will be open to ages 15-17 for soft drinks only and they will have access to the pool tables & dartboards.

Cllr Stuart Ware told Andover Radio, “Unfortunately, despite significant public support for the idea, the “Youth Pub” night in September had a very low attendance.”

For years adults have had the public house as an option of somewhere to go with friends (or to make new ones). This idea will give young people who aren’t quite old enough the opportunity to have somewhere to go and be treated as the responsible adults that many nearly are. If the night runs without issue and has a good attendance, it may become a regular occurrence & may even spread to other pubs in the area, but for now please support the idea by getting the word out to as many potential attendees as possible.

It is now public knowledge that the Queen Charlotte will be closing on the 19th November so anyone local pub owners who are keen to get involved in this please do contact Cllr Stuart Ware for further details please email