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Effective Two-Way Radio System Helps Andover BID Rangers Tackle Shoplifting and Antisocial Behaviour in Town Centre

The Andover BID Rangers were quick to respond to a reported shoplifting incident at the Save It Discount Store and Wilko, thanks to their effective two-way radio system.

By promptly identifying and detaining the individuals involved, the Rangers demonstrated the importance of strong partnerships between businesses, the Andover BID, and the police. This collaboration helps to create a safe and secure environment for everyone in the town to enjoy.

The Save It Discount Store expressed their gratitude for the Rangers’ swift response, which not only prevented the crime but also reassured their staff. “We are very grateful to the Rangers for the prompt response to theft occurring on our premises. Their actions not only prevented the crime, but also helped to reassure our staff. The Rangers responded quickly and professionally and dealt with the situation until the police arrived. Thank you.’

Steve Godwin, the Andover BID manager, highlighted that the safety and security of the town centre is a top priority for local businesses. The Andover Bid Ranger service, which has been in operation for over three years, has proved to be a valuable asset, with the Rangers working closely with businesses and other agencies such as the police.

The Rangers, who are supplied by Venture Security on behalf of Andover BID, are highly trained and familiar with the town. In an average month, they deal with up to 400 different incidents, ranging from shoplifting to antisocial behaviour, and even helping with first-aid incidents and missing children. This recent incident sends a clear message to potential thieves that Andover Town Centre has a zero-tolerance approach to shoplifting and antisocial behaviour.