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Andover Radio is the imaginatively titled new local radio station for Andover.  We will fully launch in 2018. Until then, we hope you’ll see a lot about us around town.

We play a broad mix of music from the 1950s right up to today, with none of those annoying cheesy DJs getting in the way.

Our music only stops when there’s interesting and useful things to tell you about Andover and the things happening around the town.

We don’t pretend we’re the biggest radio station, we don’t pretend we can control your mood… but we do claim a fervent passion to promote all that’s good about Andover.

In the evenings, we give you a variety of different programmes like jazz, big band and country music.  The sort of niche music programmes you don’t get on other repetitive local radio stations. And these programmes are produced and hosted by local people.

Andover Radio: Studios needing a little work
Andover Radio: Studios needing a little work

If you want to get on-air at Andover Radio – please get in contact. We have lots of volunteering opportunities for people with a passion for music, or specialist subjects like gardening, environment or education.  

Come and chat with us, we don’t bite. Unless you bring us doughnuts.