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Harrow Way announces new Student Leadership Team

Harrow Way Community School has unveiled its new Student Leadership Team for 2023/24.

Over half the year group applied for one of the prestigious positions with 35 selected as Prefects, 23 Senior Prefects and Scarlett Steele and Ethan Thorpe announced as Head Prefects alongside their deputies Charlotte Newport, Bella Hall-Cooper and Joe Horne.

Commenting on the new Student Leadership Team, Tasmin Fowler, Year Leader for Year 10 said: ”Senior Prefects play an important role at Harrow Way and they add real value to our school community. The strength of applications this year was phenomenal with those applying genuinely motivated to make Harrow Way a better place for all students.

Feedback from Headteacher Mr Serridge, who was on the interview panel for the Head Prefect and deputy positions, was that this was one of the strongest groups of leaders he had interviewed, which undoubtedly made the decision-making process extremely difficult with all students demonstrating so many valuable qualities.”

The prefect recruitment process is particularly rigorous at Harrow Way with interested students invited to express their interest in writing before being shortlisted for group interviews. They were also required to give a brief presentation as part of their application and take part in a round table discussion about the specific role prefects play and blue sky thinking questioning the issues relevant to young people today.

Following their selection, the entire Prefect team were off timetable for a day of Prefect training before undertaking their new roles across the school.

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