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Rockhouse Rocks For Foodbank With 76kg Raised

The Rockhouse in Andover pulsated with the energy of rock and metal last Saturday night as Call of Sirens took the stage, supported by acts Rogue Awakening and Terapin. The night wasn’t just about the music though, with all entry donations going directly to the Andover Foodbank.

The Andover Foodbank itself expressed their gratitude on social media, stating “What a night! Thank you so much to Call of Sirens and The Rockhouse for having us and putting on such a good show.” They went on to reveal that the generosity of the crowd resulted in a substantial haul of 76kg of food and an additional £30 in cash donations. The Andover Foodbank also thanked everyone who attended for their support and for taking the time to chat with them.

The Rockhouse Andover, known for its support of local talent and community initiatives, once again proved to be a cornerstone of the local music scene. The venue provided a perfect backdrop for the night’s performances, with its excellent acoustics and intimate atmosphere enhancing the experience for both the performers and the audience.

The collaboration between The Rockhouse Andover and the Andover Foodbank exemplifies the power of community and music coming together for a greater cause. It was a night where every riff and drumbeat resonated with the spirit of giving, leaving a lasting impact on all who attended.

Call of Sirens, the headline act, are a Portsmouth-based alternative rock outfit known for their powerful vocals and energetic performances. With Rogue Awakening and Terapin providing excellent support, it’s no surprise the night was a success. The event not only provided a night of live music but also helped a vital local charity.