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The Andover Eclectic Music Festival & Homebrew Film Festival is Set to Rock the Community!

The Eclectic Music Festival & Homebrew Film Festival in Andover is set to take place on April 30th from 3pm to 9pm at the Lights, with all profits going towards the local food bank.

The festival is a combination of two events, Eclectic and Homebrew, organized and run by Multimedia students at Andover College as an extension to their course. This year, they have added a live music event to the proceedings, with an afternoon of national short films, an award ceremony, and an evening of local musicians set to entertain the crowds.

According to Jeremy, one of the students organizing the event, the idea for the festival came about as a way to make a positive difference to the local community. “We wanted to give back to a major asset for the people of Andover,” he said. The group hopes to inspire more events and activities in the area and create something for people to look forward to.

Preparing for the festival has been a long process for the students, with preparations beginning in November 2022. The group has faced challenges in getting the word out and attracting an audience to support them. However, they have received support from many local businesses, including Yana Vintage Clothing, who has been a massive supporter throughout the process.

Tickets are available on the Filmfreeway website or from the Andover College reception, and businesses and volunteers can contact the group on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get involved.

The films featured in the festival are an eclectic mix, ranging from comedy to horror, from drama to animation. The group hopes that the audience will have fun watching them all. Beyond raising money for the food bank, the group hopes that the festival will benefit the community by providing an event for people to look forward to.

As for future plans for the festival or the group, many of the students will be off to university from September, so the baton will hopefully be picked up by the next generation. However, the group hopes that their enthusiasm for the festival is infectious and inspires others to get involved in creating events for the community.

In conclusion, the Eclectic Music Festival & Homebrew Film Festival in Andover is an event organized by young people who want to do something for their community. By putting their minds to it and working with local businesses and the people of Andover, the group hopes to provide entertainment for a good cause and inspire others to create more events and activities in the area.