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8 out 13 Andover candidates agree to election video

Empty Chair
Empty Chair

Andover Radio has received confirmation from 8 of the 13 Andover candidates standing in next month’s county council elections who will be recording a 60-second video.

The video will be 60 seconds and feature 3 questions, the last of which candidates will not know in advance.  Candidates are encouraged to use short, comprehensive soundbites to the election related questions before they may be ‘cut off’ mid-sentence.

The confirmed participating candidates are:

Andover North
Katherine BIRD (Lib)
Timothy ROLT (Ukip)

Andover South
Daniel EMMERSON (Ukip)
Tony HOOKE (Ind)
Richard ROWLES (Lib)

Andover West
Andy FITCHET (Lab)
Luigi GREGORI (Lib)
Norman WOODS (Ukip)

Radio station bosses say, “All other candidates will be substituted – by an item yet to be decided”.  Spotted in Andover users have been asked to suggest inanimate objects to replace the missing candidates.

Videos will appear online before polling day on May 4th.

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