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Andover Town FC ‘proud’ of players and supporters

Andover Town FC Foodbank
L-R: Owen Trapnell, Brendan Holmes (c) and Darren Cross.

Andover Town Football Club secured a win yesterday, perhaps not for themselves but for the town’s vulnerable.

Their home game against Newport saw the Portway Stadium team lose 3-1, however people around Andover will benefit from the generosity of the team’s players and the club’s supporters.

Following the success of the Angel Call Handling sponsored club’s October drive to get donations for the Andover Foodbank, yesterday’s campaign was a further success. Darren and Caroline Cross from Cross Massage Therapy based at the Portway Stadium saw donations to the charity which assists people on low incomes.

Caroline told Love Andover, “2020 has been a challenging year and left many families finding the weekly food shop a struggle. Andover Town FC is a community-orientated club primarily run by a strong team of volunteers who care about trying to make a positive difference in the local area.

“Donating items to the Andover Foodbank is a pragmatic and achievable way for us to make a contribution to those critically in need. We are proud of our players getting involved and grateful to our supporters who have donated generously.”

Anyone still wishing to contribute to the growing collections, can contact Caroline vie the Cross Massage Therapy website here.

Andover Town is now 5th in Wessex League Division One with their next match on Tuesday evening at home against the Bemerton Heath Harlequins.

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