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Charity brings colour to High Street

Macular Society in Andover High Street
Macular Society in Andover High Street

The Macular Society lit up Andover High Street today with a fundraising and awareness campaign that got shoppers dancing in the streets.

The charity which helps people with sight loss, particularly age-related macular degeneration hosted a fun day of entertainment which involved jive dancers, ukulele players, singers and DJs.

Assistant Fundraising Manager Graeme Davis said, “We have some full tins so I hope we’ve raised a good amount of money from the kind people today.

“Macular Week continues until Sunday and we are keen to teach people to look after their eyesight. Smoking, looking towards the sun and weight problems can all affect your vision”.

Mr Davis took the Mayor of Test Valley on a blindfolded walk around Andover town centre so Cllr Carl Borg-Neal could experience what it’s like navigating a busy town centre without the benefit of sight.


If you would like to receive updates about living with macular conditions, treatments and medical research to find a cure, you can 6 months free membership to the Macular Society online at www.macularsociety.org/6months

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