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Charity Match at Portway Stadium Raises £482.48 for Andover Mind

A charity football match took place at Portway Stadium on Saturday, bringing together two dedicated teams, Kick Start FC and Kick Out The Stigma – Andover, for a noble cause.

Both teams share a common goal: using football to support mental health, and they succeeded in raising an impressive £482.48 for Andover Mind through players’ subs and donations from spectators, with additional contributions expected from QR code donations.

Kick Start FC, a registered charity, has been actively involved in mental health support through football for several years. Their mission is to provide a supportive community where individuals can improve their mental well-being through the sport. Kick Out The Stigma – Andover is a community group with a similar mission, focusing on raising funds for Andover Mind, a local mental health charity.

Michael Cunningham of Kick Start FC reflected on the event, saying, “Saturday afternoon was a fantastic opportunity for our charity Kick Start FC to invite a group, similar to ourselves, along for a game of football and raise important funding for Andover Mind. I think it’s important for people to know that there are charities and support groups that want to extend a hand and help people in the local community with their mental health and that no one needs to suffer in silence.”

Michael Ford of Kick Out The Stigma – Andover shared his enthusiasm and gratitude for the event: “Saturday was the day we faced the amazing Kick Start FC all in aid of Andover Mind and raising awareness of mental health with it being Mental Health Awareness Week. The weather was spot on and we managed to draw a crowd of around 100 people to come along and support both teams.

The atmosphere was amazing from those playing and those supporting, where all enjoyed every moment. I couldn’t be more proud of the whole day, as it was truly amazing to see and even hear with what it was all in aid for. Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for such an experience and to have a day like Saturday.”

The match drew a crowd of approximately 100 people, who enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere and the spirited play of both teams. The funds raised will go towards supporting the vital services provided by Andover Mind, which include mental health support and resources for the local community.

The event was a resounding success, highlighting the importance of community support and the positive impact that football can have on mental health awareness.

This isn’t the first time Kick Start FC and Kick Out The Stigma – Andover have joined forces to support Andover Mind. Last year, the two teams played a similar charity match and successfully raised over £400 for the cause, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to mental health awareness and community support.

The next fixture for Kick Out The Stigma – Andover is set for next Saturday, May 25th, at their home ground in Enham, where they will face Sands United FC Basingstoke.

This match was more than just a game; it was a powerful demonstration of community solidarity and the shared commitment to making a difference in the realm of mental health. Both teams, along with their supporters, played a crucial role in creating a memorable and impactful day.