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Community Mask Tree at Andover CE Primary School

A Community Mask Tree has been set up at Andover CE Primary School in East Street.

This is a not for profit initiative to offer cloth face coverings to their community. You can find fabric face coverings for Infant and junior children, small and large adults.The masks are currently made by Melanie Beardsley the head teacher and her son Jack.

They ask for a donation of £2.00 to be put in the pot to help cover the costs. They use the donations to by some materials and any profits will be shared between the school and Alabare. A local Andover charity that supports vulnerable, homeless and marginalised people.

Mrs Melanie Beardsley the head teacher of Andover C of E says, “Staff have all taken reopening well and are adapting to manning our current 3 bubbles. This week our keyworker children have been joined by 8 year r pupils. We welcomed with bubbles and stickers and all are happy to be here. All the planning, furniture removals have been worth it. Next week we will be opening up to year 1 and then year 6 on the 15th June. I’m so proud of the staff team and children who have made this week a pleasure. We also launched a enhanced home learning package for learners At home with zoom lessons incorporated at home along with competitions and challenges in our Facebook page including singing our give yourself a hug song written by one of the teachers.

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