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Council and Police working together to tackle antisocial behaviour in town

Test Valley Borough Council is currently working with the police and other services to address the problem of individuals acting in an anti-social manner in the Town Mills, High Street and bus station areas of Andover.

Local police and councillors have received reports of anti-social behaviour in these locations in recent weeks and are looking at ways to address the problem.

Leader of Test Valley Borough Council, councillor Phil North, said “We have received reports from concerned residents and businesses about the behaviour of some individuals congregating in these areas.

We are sensitive to the fact that some of these people are homeless but it is important that we take action as it is not acceptable that residents feel unsafe or nervous about walking through certain parts of the town.

We have met with the police and representatives from various local support services already working with these individuals to understand and discuss the problem. As a result, police and partners will increase their targeted patrols over the coming weeks to try and disrupt this behaviour and if criminal activity is taking place then to take robust action.

“The council and other local agencies will also continue to offer help to those individuals who are rough sleeping, while also addressing any issues regarding anti-social behaviour. However, if they don’t engage with the council and continue to behave anti-socially then they should expect action to be taken against them.

We would encourage residents to report all incidents or concerns they may have to the police via 101 to evidence the extent of the problems and help support any actions required to address them.”