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Local disability charity receives £20,000 grant from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund

Sophie Porter, Matt Spackman, Kerrie Morley, Charlotte Powell

Leading Hampshire-based disability charity Enham Trust has received an incredible £20,000 grant from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund.

The grant, received by the charity recently, was gifted as the final tier of funding towards the development of an innovative café and social space, run by the Trust’s disabled customers who will undergo formal training in a newly established Training Kitchen; learning the skills and gaining the experience they need to work in a busy café environment.

The grant will also ensure the Trust can regrow its military roots; using the venue to showcase its newest projects & services to the local veteran community.

Enham Trust’s Income Generation Coordinator, Kerrie Morley, said of the grant “We’re delighted to have received this generous grant from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund; supporting us to reconnect with our military roots, and offer veterans new opportunities locally.”

Enham Trust supports thousands of disabled people across the country each year in every area of their lives by providing housing, care, and various employment & skills opportunities to ensure each customer gains independence, choice, and control over every aspect of their lives.

For more information about Enham Trust, please visit: www.enhamtrust.org.uk