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New estate agency launches in Andover

Simon Priestley-Cooper from Cote and Castle came into the Andover Radio studios this week to talk to Adam Phillips (“The Money Guy”) about what he’s doing, how he’s doing and the problem with today’s estate agencies.

Cote and Castle will be launching in Andover on Monday September 14th 2020. They are promising to “turn the estate agency world on it’s head” by charging very low fees (0.7%) and not charging until after the sale of the property.

The new agency are also offering £100 for anyone who refers business their way.

Cote and Castle employee, Simon says, “We believe that estate agents charge too much, we charge an amazing 0.7% …The problem with Purple Bricks, is that they charge people up front.”

You may have to pay a couple of thousand pounds in order to list your property – which isn’t inherently a problem, until it doesn’t sell of course… then it becomes an issue! We won’t charge a customer anything until after the sale.”

Regarding online-only estate agency Purple Bricks, Simon says, “This interesting way of doing business means that people trying to sell their home won’t have to front the cash and run the risk of a non-sale. Simple – but very cost effective!” Simon went on to say that his overheads are very low, there is one HQ based in Salisbury, but the estate agents themselves are remote.

The Money Guy, Adam Phillips with Simon From Cote And Castle Chilling at Andover Radio HQ

‘If people are sitting at home and looking to potentially get into an estate agency – then please talk to us! If we’re right for you, then we can certainly look to further that relationship.”

Cote and Castle have already been busy sponsoring local team Andover Hockey Club, where they promise to not only pay the players if they refer anyone, but if the referrals go live they will give the team an effective bonus, furthering their ability to purchase new equipment and clothing for next year.

You may also find a bright Orange 4 x 4 Truck going around Andover too. Adam Phillips adds, “I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of them very soon.”

Cote and Castle’s new price structure is set to change estate agency tradition

To get Cote And Castle to help you buy or sell your home, get in contact by calling 01264 318599 or head to their website, scroll to the bottom and complete the ‘Get in Contact‘ form.

Listen to When Simon Met The Money Guy, Adam Phillips on the podcast – coming Soon!

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