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Roman Way Parents work together for a Final Goodbye

It was the last day of school for Roman way year 6 pupils. Sadly one hour before school was due to start parents were emailed and messaged by the school …… on the final day the bubble had burst, and all year 6 children had to self isolate as they had been a close contact of someone who had tested positive for Covid.

Parents and children were upset that their final day at Primary School had been taken away from them due to Covid.

Parents shared their feelings in the schools private group chat

“This is devastating for all the kids, I hope everyone is ok. I’m still going to get …. dressed into her school uniform and get some pics of her last day at Primary school. I’m just going to try and make the day as normal as possible and hope that I can make her understand. Just so so sad and gutted for them”

“I’m so upset for them all. We’ve both been in tears this morning! It’s such a shame on their last day xx”

I’m absolutely devastated that their last day has been taken from them! 

Absolutely gutted for them! Many tears in my house this morning!”

The School did manage to pull off a last minute zoom meeting for the year 6 children, but it just wasn’t the same.

Then one of the Dads, Paul Wadcock had the idea of parents hosting it themselves in one of the fields surrounding Roman way. Parents loved this idea and pulled together to create a leavers event for their Year 6 children. Mrs Jones , headteacher of Roman way school, was involved in the planning of this event and all year 6 teachers were invited. It was left down to Paul to contact as many parents of year 6 children as he could.

On Friday 20th August on the YMCA field Roman way year 6 children got to say their final goodbyes to their school friends .

Roman Way Year 6 leavers 2021

Andover Radio DJ Chris Bulford provided the entertainment with his Disco, whilst Year 6 parent and TA at Roman way school , Zoe Hathaway brought along the childrens leavers packs and gifts from teachers Miss Candy and Miss Mann for the children that were in their class. The YMCA kept their doors open so the children and parents could use their facilities during the event.

Children and Parents had an enjoyable 2 hours together, giving a final ending to their Primary School years.

Paul Wadcock said, “A huge thank you to all that came along this evening, I hope you all had a great time and got lots of signatures etc. A special thank you to Andover Radio for sorting the dj. Thanks again guys, enjoy the rest of your summer break “

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