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The launch of Hope with Eating Disorders by Lynn Crilly

February sees the launch of Hope with Eating Disorders by Lynn Crilly, coinciding with Eating Disorders
Awareness Week (25th February to March 3rd)
Hope with Eating Disorders is part of a series of books published by Hammersmith Books including Hope with OCD (2018) and Hope with Depression (2020). Lynn has extensive experience of working with teens and young adults with myriad mental health issues and specialises in eating disorders, OCD, depression, anxiety and self-esteem issues.
Since the first edition of Hope with Eating Disorders was published in 2012, eating disorders have become more widely recognised and treatments have progressed, as have attitudes to this most dangerous of mental health problems.
In this second edition, which maintains Lynn Crilly’s warm, non-judgemental, family-friendly approach, the more recently recognised eating disorders have been included, the range of treatment options – both mainstream and alternative – has been fully reviewed and revised, and the impact of social and technological change has been fully accommodated, with the role of social media for good and ill to the fore. New case histories highlight key issues, and
throughout all references to research and stats have been reviewed and updated. Men’s eating disorders are now addressed by contributing author Dr Russell Delderfield.
Since originally writing Hope with Eating Disorders, Lynn has experienced seven years of counselling practice and seven years of her own daughter’s recovery from an eating disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder, underpinning her realistic insight into what recovery actually is and means. Hope with Eating Disorders is a practical, supportive guide for anyone helping someone with an eating disorder be they a family member, teacher, sports coach, workplace colleague or friend.
Lynn Crilly became a counsellor when one of her beautiful daughters fell into the evil trap of Anorexia Nervosa and OCD, at the age of 13. Lynn explored every avenue and source of help, but they were not right for her daughter or them as a family. Watching her daughter disappearbefore her eyes, and the huge impact it was having on the rest of
her family, especially her twin sister, Lynn felt she had no option
but to educate herself and learn as much as she could about eating disorders and mental illness. Some years on, a lot of hard work,determination and many tears shed, and with the unconditional support from close family, friends, our GP and their school, their beautiful girl is now recovered, enjoying life to the full and Lynn’s family are stronger than ever together.
With her new found knowledge, personal experience and most of all her passion and love; Lynn has been able to use her gift to help others.
Lynn Crilly lives in Surrey with her husband and their twin
daughters.Through using her unique and very effective form of counselling she has now established herself as one of the country’s leading private therapists, working with people from all walks of life, ages and genders. She is admired for her passion and understanding -something she attributes to the strength and loyalty of her family and friends, with whom she spends as much time as possible.
TITLE: Hope with Eating Disorders, 2nd Edition
AUTHOR: Lynn Crilly
GENRE: Health, Mental Health, Self-Help, Family
PUBLISHER: Hammersmith Books
ISBN: 9781781611456
PUBLICATION DATE: February 19th 2019
PRICE: £15.99
AVAILABILITY: Paperback, eBook
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