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Treats no tricks at Canto Gelato courtesy of mystery donor and over £3,000 raised for families in need

Community spirit has been shown from one Andover local to provide families in need with a nice treat at Canto Gelato. The mystery donor made the generous donation after Andover Aesthetic Practitioners started a campaign to help families in need with meal vouchers.

The donations will pay for over 20 families to treats at Canto Gelato on the high street for free over 2 days. Yesterday on the first day saw 8 families benefit from this wonderful gesture.

Kelly Jones of Canto Gelato told 95.9FM Andover Radio “We want to say a huge thanks to our mystery donator, yesterday we had lots of families in who have come out to have a little treat with us, the kids really enjoyed it there were little girls dressed up in their princesses dresses and they all had a great time

The campaign from Andover Aesthetic Practitioners which has now raised over £3,000 with thanks from local companies and the patients of the business. The vouchers and codes have been distributed out to families in need.

The support and response has been so positive that there are plans putting put together for the Christmas season to help out the families in need and Kelly added “Yes there are talks at the moment and we have said that we would love to get involved as well”

This is such an amazing show of support from the local community and truly shows the love in Andover. If you would like to support then get in contact with Donna Jackson at the Andover Aesthetic Practitioners on their Facebook page.