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A chocolate lesson in chocolate heaven for Harrow Way students

Harrow Way Food Technology students at Cadbury World

Harrow Way Food Technology students were given a unique insight into the nation’s favourite chocolate brand when 45 Year 8s visited Cadbury World recently. 

They learned all about the origins of cocoa beans, the chocolate production process and Cadbury’s history of pioneering advertising.

Emma Law, Design Technology Teacher explains the value and purpose of the visit: “It’s very easy when you see products neatly displayed in shops to be ignorant of their provenance. As Food Technology students it is important to understand the origins of food, its journey and the process it goes through from farming through to being beautifully packaged, lined up on a shelf”.

For those who have not been, Cadbury World is a self-guided exhibition taking visitors through a variety of zones which showcase the 170-year history of the company and chocolate making.

Students learned about the origins of the cocoa bean and its journey to Europe in the 16th century and the story of the Cadbury brothers, pioneers in industrial relations and employee welfare, setting standards which other enlightened employers subsequently followed.

Students also got to watch the professional chocolatiers working their magic, revealing the ingredients as they made chocolate.

No trip to Cadbury World would be complete without sampling a bar or two and the students were each given four complementary bars along with a molten pot of chocolate which they could then add ingredients of their choice to. And if that wasn’t enough chocolate for one day, a trip to the ‘World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop’ sweetly concluded proceedings.

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