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Hurricane Irma relief effort helped by Council employees

Hannah Angel & Stuart in the British Virgin Islands

A former Test Valley Borough Council employee now living in the British Virgin Islands rallied her former colleagues to help with the Hurricane Irma Relief effort.

Hannah Angel worked for the Council for 11 years but  left  in 2014 to work as a chef on tourist yachts in the BVI with her partner Stuart, who is a yacht captain.

Fortunately for them, they were in UK when the hurricane hit but wanted to do something to help their friends and neighbours. Hannah asked friends at the Council to help and they responded with a huge collection of items.

Over 30 large bin liners were filled with clothes, shoes and toiletries which Hannah then collected and delivered to the BVI House in London who will arrange for their onward shipment.

Hannah said “I cannot imagine what it must have been like. Seeing people that we care about on the news was very upsetting. We felt so useless being back in the UK and that is why we decided to help by doing a collection.”

She said “Employees at the Council showed amazing generosity and the items will make a huge difference to people lives, including friends of ours, that have lost everything after hurricane Irma. People in the islands are slowly starting to rebuild homes and the items that have been kindly donated will certainly help families get back on track. They really will make such a difference to the people that have lost everything.”

Leader of the Council, Councillor Phil North said “ This is typical of the kindness and generosity of the council staff. Whether it is a cake sale for Macmillan coffee morning, volunteering for local organisations or a spur of the moment collection like this, they always rise to the occasion.”

Hannah hopes to be back in the BVI within the next 6 months and will help the community continue to rebuild. She asks that if people would like to donate, they can do so here. https://www.virgin.com/unite/bvi-community-support-appeal