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Police advise awareness over high value gold theft and burglaries

As Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, approaches, Hampshire Police are reminding people of the measures they can take to protect themselves from high value gold theft and burglaries.

The rising price of gold means that jewellery is a serious target for thieves. Stolen items are often melted or sold on quickly.

They have offered some key advice for people to protect their homes:

  • do not leave valuables on display in your home so that they can be seen from outside
  • if possible, keep your high value gold in a commercial safety deposit box rather than at home
  • if you do keep your jewellery at home, store it in a good quality safe that has been secured to the floor or the wall
  • use immobilise.com to keep an inventory of your jewellery, and include photographs and value of each item
  • when leaving your home, ensure doors and windows are locked, and use timer switches to make sure your home looks occupied

Police have also offered the following personal safety advice:

  • when wearing jewellery in public, be cautious and discreet to avoid attracting unwanted attention
  • always travel to and from your celebration in a group using well-lit streets. Try to avoid walking alone. If you drive, keep your car locked and remember where it is parked
  • if you are leaving or arriving at a safety deposit box facility, be vigilant and go with another family member. Secure jewellery in a closed bag