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Spiritual Corner with Marie Ponting

We have the pleasure of introducing you to Marie Ponting, a writer for our spiritual corner. Marie is a deeply insightful and intuitive individual who has dedicated herself to helping others along their spiritual journeys.

Her passion for spiritual growth and her profound knowledge of various spiritual practices and teachings have led her to conduct workshops and events that inspire and empower individuals seeking to connect with their inner selves.

Through her work, Marie aims to create a safe and supportive environment where individuals can explore their spiritual paths, connect with others, and ultimately find greater meaning and purpose in their lives. So, without further ado, let’s hear from Marie herself!

June is upon us, Apologies for not writing last month, I have been processing a lot of emotion and writing was something I felt quite unable to do, even though it possibly would have helped. I often advise journaling as a way of expression, maybe I need to listen to my own advice! In the wheel of the year we have passed Beltane which was the 1st May, traditionally known as May day.

Historically May poles were danced around with brightly coloured ribbons to encourage fertility, in fact I remember dancing around the maypole in either my infant or junior school, it was a school trip, what a wonderful memory. At the cabin we danced with colourful scarves inviting goddess to come join us, which she did. Something that struck a chord with me is our reluctance to move in front of others, it has made me question why. Is it a fear of humiliation, feeling stupid, being laughed at…… where does that come from? Do you dance in front of others? And I’m not talking drunk dancing ha ha.

The truth is when we move our bodies, we are moving and processing our emotions. We can take the thoughts that may be bothering us, away. We move the energy, moving it through our bodies and clearing our chakras, I quite often cry when I dance or just after, as I can feel the shift and release of emotional and/or mental blockages, it’s quite beautiful.

Solstice is fast approaching, the longest day of the year and the shortest night, I’m hoping to watch the sunrise on the southern shoreline, that’s the aim anyway! I enjoy sunrise and sunset on any day and quite often will make a visit to nature to watch as the colours spread across the landscape. I have witnessed some breath-taking cloud formations that provoke real deep insightful thoughts. You don’t have to go anywhere in particular. There are popular places however solstice is a personal time for reflection and celebration, so if you are unable to travel anywhere, can you see from somewhere within walking distance? What is your view like from your window? Maybe just getting up early and stretching to acknowledge solstice is what you feel able to do.

Your journey is yours alone, we often compare our journeys to others, why? We are all unique and individual, therefore our journeys will be too. I was thinking I didn’t have much to say in this column, clearly I doubted myself. Before I sign off for this month I would like to talk to you briefly about altars. I was asked the other day about my altar, and how to create one. An altar is simply a space you create with meaningful things that you may have collected or people have given to you.

My altar consists of:

A slate from a historic family building Feathers

A Candle

A felted Badger

Celenite crystal

A pebble with an angel painted on

A stone bear ornament

A mini glass angel

A glowstick

Ooooooo, and I’ve just realised the full moon this month is over Solstice, hold tight this one will be super powerful, it is called the Strawberry moon, as traditionally that’s when strawberries are best picked although it is also known as the Rose moon.

I really could chat for much longer this morning, however yoga is calling! You can find me on Facebook if you would like to know more about this, I’m always happy to chat spirit, search Self discovery with Astara.

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