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A different way to do Karaoke in Andover

The sound of people caterwauling puts some people off Karaoke. For others it’s precisely the platform they need.

Local DJ Kevin Ridgeon, Andover Radio’s ‘Web Wondermaster‘ has the solution.

On Friday 27th September, Kevin – AKA DJ Dragon – is hosting a sing-a-long party at The Queen Charlotte Inn on London Road.

If you think you can sing, songs from the past five decades will be available at this ‘all encompassing disco’, with opportunities to take the mic and show your vocal talents. If you just want some fun and enjoy just great songs, then that’s precisely what you’ll get.

The event’s intention is to “get everyone singing” says the popular host.

“Only the best known songs will be played”, says DJ Dragon. “If the song turns into karaoke, we can do that. If the whole pub starts singing that’s even better. But, if your karaoke singing fails, we’ll let you know and play the original.”

The event is hosted by local radio station 95.9FM Andover Radio and DJ Dragon’s own disco company ‘Dragon Disco and Karaoke’. The event, ‘Decades Disco and Karaoke’ will only play familiar and well-known songs from the 1970s to today.

That’s disco to glam rock, electronic to ballads. If you think you’re up for the challenge, this is the event for you.

Starting at 7pm on Friday 27th September, the event will be fundraising for the QC Foundation which raises money to help people in Andover affected by chronic and terminal illnesses.

Dare to sing”, adds DJ Dragon. “Some people really can sing – there’s a lot of talent in Andover – and we will reward those who have a tuneful ear. Those who are tone-deaf just might be drowned out by the en masse chords of the rest of the venue, or the original singer.”

The event is free to attend and participate. For more information take a look on Facebook here.

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