Linkline connects hundreds of not-for-profit organisations in and around Andover with tens of thousands of people who may lend a hand to help your cause. 

You can use Linkline to promote your group or organisation, recruit for new volunteers or promote an event or fundraising activity. The Linkline is proudly sponsored by New Street Dental Care.

To promote your group or organisation with charitable purposes for free online here and on-air at Andover Radio, please email and Dan Hooks will be in contact:

Now, here’s what will happen:

  • One of our community reporters will be in contact to arrange a date to record your advertisement.
  • We ask you to write your own advertisement. This should read out loud to around 50-seconds.
  • The advertisement should be a general explanation of your group, focusing on awareness of you, what you do and how people can contact you.  Download an example here.
  • We will meet and you, or a member of your team, will read your advertisement into our microphone.
  • It will be broadcast in even rotation with other local community groups or organisations.
  • You can then come add new advertisements or replace this one as many times as you want. These advertisements for your organisation can be more focused on specifics like, a call for volunteers, a fundraising drive or maybe publicity for an event.

This opportunity is open to bona fide not-for-profit groups and organisations with a charitable purpose.

We look forward to helping publicise the great work of you do for people in and around Andover.