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Love Andover is part of the new Andover Radio.  Our mission involves helping local businesses to maximise the response from their marketing budget.

Our average weekly Facebook reach is over 60,000 per week

Our marketing offer is much more than radio advertisements.  Because we support local business every step of the way and we are living in a digital world, at Andover Radio we give local businesses access to our growing digital audience, too.  This means you can promote your business, products or price promotion through our profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and more.

Click the below to read some frequently asked questions:

Why local radio advertising?
Radio is intrusive. You can’t close your ears. With clever programming avoidance of adverts is extremely low.  People can’t turn the page, click the close button or look away with radio.

Radio is extremely effective as a ‘call to action’ medium and radio is traditionally the most cost effective media for delivering response. If you are considering advertising, make sure you use radio and all its related platforms to shout about it.

How many people will hear my advert?
That depends on the way your advertising campaign is constructed.  In short, Andover Radio broadcasts to an area where 52,000 people live.  In 2015 audience research showed that 95% of all people surveyed would listen to Andover Radio.  But, we’re realistic enough to accept that this won’t be the reality. However, if only half tune into our radio broadcasts, that’s still 26,000 listeners.  In 2019 we reach 25% of all Andoverians on social media alone.

We are also realistic enough to know that not everyone listens at the same time, just like television, that’s why you see the same advert many times over.  Radio is called the ‘frequency medium’, it makes sure your message is heard as many times as possible, as ‘repetition builds reputation’.

We also also have a great many other market solutions like banner adverts, social media and native content which come packaged together to make sure your company is getting exposed to as many people as possible, as often as possible.

How much does advertising on radio cost?
Radio advertising is constructed to suits the needs of your business. In short, you could advertise from just £175, but for an advertising campaign to really work for you, you should consider a full campaign. We will not take your money if we do not believe the advertising will work for you.

To talk about how we can help you get more customers, please contact us.

Can we get an advertising jingle?
 Yeah baby!  There’s nothing quite like having your customers signing your ‘company song’. An advertising jingle really helps people remember your company name – it enforces the power of advertising and makes your company sound big, professional and consistently strong.

Jingles start from just a few hundred pounds and you can get totally involved in the creative process. If you want to understand the power of the jingle, pop up to Andover Patio Centre and ask Simon!

Will you broadcast live from my business?
 It’d be a pleasure. Depending on the reasons you want us to come we may do this as part of a campaign, as a one-off or – maybe – even for free.

We love getting out and a about please contact us and we will chat about what you are looking to achieve.

Will you buy me coffee while we talk about this?
 Absolutely.  We love coffee – in fact we often think we should own shares in the Blue Onion because of the amount of time and money we spend in there. We also love talking about the wide variety of businesses in Andover and what we can do to help them.  Let’s talk… contact us.

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Andover Radio is committed to supporting the local economy. Your advertisement on radio, on our website and through our social media channels will make sure we hit more relevant people (your prospective customers) than most other media.

A defined amount of your advertising spend will go towards facilitating our events in the town like Weyhill Beer Festival, Andover Proms and Andover Armed Forces Day.

If you have any questions about how we can help your business grow, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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