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Andover Foodbank’s Tesco Drive Surpasses Expectations, Amassing 3.7 Tonnes in Food Donations

In a heart-warming display of community spirit, the recent Andover Foodbank’s Tesco National Food Collection brought together a dedicated group of individuals, organisations, and schools, resulting in an impressive donation of 3.7 tonnes of food – filling 294 big green crates.

This collective effort not only showcased the generosity of Tesco customers but also highlighted the power of collaboration and goodwill in support of Andover Foodbank’s mission.

The organisers extend their deepest gratitude to Tesco for hosting the event and express special thanks to Elaine, Nikky, and Rob for their invaluable support throughout the Andover Foodbank’s Tesco National Food Collection. Their assistance played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth execution of the initiative.

The involvement of Knights Enham, Vigo, Andover Church of England, and Endeavour primary schools added a vibrant touch to the event. The organizers commend these schools for not only allowing their students to participate but also for the enthusiasm and joy they brought to the Andover Foodbank’s Tesco National Food Collection. The Knights Enham and Vigo choirs, in particular, deserve special mention for their melodious performances that captivated Tesco customers and garnered appreciation from many passers-by.

Acknowledgment is also due to the dedicated volunteers who, with unwavering commitment, lend their time and energy to support Andover Foodbank’s initiatives. Their consistent efforts, accompanied by infectious smiles, contribute significantly to the success of events like the Tesco National Food Collection.

A round of applause goes to the drivers, both seasoned and new, who selflessly devoted their time to transport the collected food back to the warehouse. Their contribution played a vital role in ensuring the timely and secure delivery of the substantial donation to Andover Foodbank.

Back at headquarters, the behind-the-scenes teams, tirelessly working to keep things running smoothly, deserve recognition. Special mention is made of Teresa, whose assistance with organising countless lists proved invaluable to the entire operation.

The involvement of 32 Regiment Royal Artillery added an extra layer of support by assisting in weighing and moving 150 crates of food for Andover Foodbank. Their dedicated efforts were a tremendous help and underscore the impact that collaboration between local organizations and military units can have on community initiatives.

Last but not least, heartfelt thanks are extended to every Tesco customer who generously donated to support Andover Foodbank. Each tin, packet, and jar contributed will make a significant difference in supporting local individuals in need during the winter months. The overwhelming response not only alleviated the strain on the Andover Foodbank’s warehouse, which was struggling to meet demand but also exemplified the compassion and kindness that characterize the community.

As the organisers reflect on the four days of Andover Foodbank’s Tesco National Food Collection, they express their gratitude to all involved, emphasizing the joy and fulfilment derived from the collective effort. Now faced with the task of unpacking 294 crates, the community stands united, knowing that their contributions will have a lasting impact on those facing challenges in the upcoming winter season.