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BID allocates its 50th two way radio to local business

Following the successful launch of its new radio scheme for Andover in November, the BID has just issued its 50th, state of the art digital radio to Ian Souch, Leisure Centre Manager for Andover.

Ian who is employed by People for Places, the company that run the centre says ‘I am delighted to be part of the scheme and see this as a really positive step forward in good communication and partnership working aimed at helping to reduce crime in the town centre’.

The leisure centre radio will be held daily by the duty manager and will allow effective two-way communication to the town centre.

Steve Godwin, the BID manager is pictured handing over the radio to Ian and says, “From a BID perspective, the radio system was something our members asked us to provide in the town. We have been delighted with the take up from retailers, pubs, late night establishments and the leisure sector and we look forward to a further development in January which will be a confidential App allowing data sharing for users of the Pubwatch or Shopwatch scheme. The App has been developed as an aid to business to allow and encourage secure and confidential data sharing which can be managed on a laptop, tablet or phone and is aimed at reducing crime”