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Del Boy landmark vandalised

The owners of the Weyhill Car Boot are appealing for information after their landmark Reliant Robin was vandalised.

On social media yesterday, owners announced: “We are so sad to report that our Reliant Robin car trailer up at the site has been vandalised. The doors have been wrenched off, our ‘Del Boy’ mannequin has been taken and the flag poles have been bent over.

In good humour they added that their mannequin of ‘Del Boy’ has been stolen, “Del Boy is missing (although strangely we still have his legs, so he’s definitely not on the run) and we would love to know his whereabouts. Anyone with any info, please do come forward.

“Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support. It is a mindless few who try and spoil things for others”.

Nigel and Graham North told 95.9FM Andover Radio, “This is the third incident. We have had banners slashed and the tyres on our trailers slashed too.

“We also had someone take a knife to the portable toilets.

“The Reliant Robin was created as a bit of fun to advertise the site as well as give everyone a smile. We know that people have been using it as a landmark.

“It is such a shame that this type of mindless act spoils things for others.”

Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Del Boy is asked to contact Nigel and Graham via the Weyhill Car Boot Sale Facebook page.

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