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Disappointing setback: Local events company forced to cancel outdoor Eurovision Song Contest screening

It’s always disappointing when a planned event has to be cancelled, and it’s even more disheartening when it’s due to circumstances beyond our control. Andover community events that had planned to hold an outdoor live showing of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is unfortunately facing such a situation.

Despite their best efforts, they have been unable to secure a suitable location for the event, despite having all the necessary licenses and equipment. They have tried eight different sites, but none of them were available for various reasons. Some were already booked, some had contractual obligations, and some simply didn’t respond to the company’s requests. In the end, the company had to accept that they simply couldn’t make the event happen.

The cancellation is particularly regrettable because the company had put a lot of time and effort into planning the event, including arranging for a bar, caterers, stalls, a stage, a large screen, and live acts to build up to the main event. They had hoped that the event would have been a great opportunity for people to come together, dress up, and enjoy some cheesy Euro pop tunes.

However, Andover community events are not giving up on bringing people together for other events throughout the year. They recognize that dealing with red tape and bureaucracy can be a challenge, but they are committed to continuing to provide opportunities for people to have fun and connect with each other.

In conclusion, it’s unfortunate that the outdoor live showing of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest had to be cancelled due to the unavailability of a suitable location. However, the local events company is determined to keep working hard and bringing people together for other events in the future.