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Finding freedom with an off-road scooter

Unity Mobility Scooter Andover

Mark and his father Trevor visited the offices of local charity Unity yesterday. He recently injured his knee playing football and now has it in a brace so is struggling with mobility.

After looking at the range of scooters Unity Mobility have to offer, Mark decided on the new Pride Off-Road Scooter as it had the space to rest his injured leg.

Mark took it for a test drive and really enjoyed himself. He left the office looking slightly nervous but returned with a huge smile on his face.

Mark described his experience on his return, “I was a bit nervous to start with, but we took it up to the park and I had great fun driving it around. It’s a bit like a go cart and went really well on the grass. I definitely want to hire it again soon to enable me to get out and about with my family while I’m injured”.

Mark and his dad returned to the Unity Office over the weekend and hired a Pride Colt Scooter to enable him to get out to see family and friends. Mark had a great time catching up with everyone and the whole family were impressed.

Trevor, Mark’s dad was very grateful for the service Unity offers and said, “Thank you very much for helping and supporting us and going out of your way to make Mark’s journey to recovery more enjoyable.”

Scooters give people the freedom to get around and offer more mobility than crutches. The team at Unity based at Andover Bus Station say, “Hire is available to anyone with a genuine need. In fact, did you know that under 18’s can use them, with parental permission? As long as there is a genuine medical need to use one, they are available to all ages. Unity would love to help you get the freedom that is possible from one of our range of mobility scooters here at Unity Mobility.

Unity Mobility can even deliver to your home. Their offices are open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9.30am to 1.30pm.

Their website is www.unityonline.org.uk or you can call them on 01264 352000 to pre book.

Due to current restrictions all equipment must be pre booked in advance.


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