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Future firefighters face realistic training

The next generation of Hampshire and Isle of Wight firefighters were put through their paces as they faced scenarios they could be experiencing each day on station.

Organised by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service Learning and Development team, the day saw the group of 15 trainee firefighters confronted with a variety of incidents including a road traffic collision, house fire and a casualty trapped following a workshop accident.

Ahead of their graduation later this week, this was their chance to see all their hard work come together, showcasing the skills they have picked up during their course.

The future firefighters were joined on the drill yard by student paramedics and volunteer casualties who played their part in creating a realistic environment for the exercises.

Lacey Plumbley, Station Manager for Learning and Development said,

“Today our trainees have been faced with road traffic collisions, vehicle fires, entrapments and property fires. They have had to rescue and treat casualties, as well as work alongside ambulance partners.

“This really is a great way for our trainees to experience what life is like as firefighters on station.

“They have all demonstrated the learning they’ve developed in their time with us, as well as showing tremendous team spirit in overcoming the challenging scenarios put on for them today.”

Trainee firefighter Chloe Shurville, Red Squad, said,

“The course has been brilliant. Every new module we’ve been taught and the different challenges they bring has seen us develop as firefighters.

“Today has given us the opportunity to put our learning into practice, showcasing our new skills before we go out onto station to use them for real.”

As this group of budding firefighters prepare for their pass-out parade on Friday, and to begin their careers out on stations, the Service is set to open its next recruitment window for full-time firefighters, on Tuesday.

If you’re interested in becoming a wholetime firefighter visit their Careers page and apply from 00:01 on Tuesday 18th January.