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How Can a Casino Be Opened Online in the Netherlands?

Now with the legalization of online gambling, many people are probably thinking about what is necessary to start their own casino online nl in the Netherlands and also enter this interesting market. Does this new arrangement automatically mean that starting your own casino will become easier in the near future? What do you need in order to open a casino site? That’s exactly what we will discuss here.

Thanks to the help of author Jettie Oosterveen, an expert in online gambling, we were able to find the answer to those questions and make a small guide to instruct you on how casinos can be opened online in the Netherlands. So, if you are curious, keep reading until the end.

5 steps to start your own casino

Starting a casino online nl, as it happens in any other business, is not a simple linear process. There are several processes active at once. It basically boils down to the next five phases.

Closing a white label deal

When deciding whether to create a platform, many operators in the iGaming sector look to the option of purchasing a “White Label” casino.

The choice is frequently between building a platform from the ground up, which would incur significant costs, and buying a fully functional “White Label” solution, which can then be customized as needed.

For anyone who wishes to start a casino quickly and at a relatively low expense, the “White Label” option is the ideal solution.

Obtain license

Without a license, a gambling platform won’t be considered legal and, therefore, won’t be able to provide service inside the country.

Due to the new legislation in the Netherlands, it is already possible to show your interest in a Dutch gambling license at the KSA. However, other international licenses are also accepted inside the country, such as the ones provided by:

  • the UK
  • Malta
  • Curacao

Set up a brand

To stand out from all rivals, you must have a strong company identity. It means you will need not only a name for your casino but also start thinking about the logo, which platforms you’ll use to publicize your website, and several other details that are important when opening a business.

Here it is also good to start planning a casino online nl free bonus no deposit and other kinds of benefits people will get when registering at your gambling platform.

Hire staff

You need a good team of people to help you run this business. The main staff you should hire is those to work with customer service, as it is an essential section on any casino site, and also those responsible for the maintenance of the platform.

Apart from that, you can also have an administrative staff and one focused on marketing. A good deal is working with affiliates to help you reach new customers.

Time to launch

Have all the steps been taken? The celebration can then start. Now, in order to keep up with the other numerous online casino brands, don’t forget to provide attractive benefits like free spins or deposit offers, and also create a good reputation.

How much does a new license application cost?

One of the most crucial procedures for opening your own gambling platform is registering for a new gambling license. That, however, is not a cheap thing to do because the entire process has quite a few prices.

The only thing you receive for your €50,000 application for a gaming license in the KSA is that it will be considered. You can’t be certain that you’ll get the permission this way.

In addition to this one-time cost, there are also other costs that will happen annually.  In the end, it is not cheap to open a casino site.

Final Thought

Opening and creating the best online casino nl is not an easy task. In fact, you will have not only to take your time but also to invest a lot of money if you want it to be regulated according to the new laws.

The good news, however, is that once you understand what you need, the process becomes a little easier. You can avoid extra costs and time by using a white label casino and, after that, focusing on obtaining your license and thinking about what you want in your platform.

With all that already decided, it becomes simple to finish the following steps. So, in general, the most difficult part is creating your brand, your platform, and legalizing it, which is exactly what you need to do first. After that, the rest of the process is pretty simple, as you just need to make a few decisions, hire people to work with you, and launch your site.