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It’s Ba Ba Back – The Lamb Inn to return and back in locals hands

The Lamb Inn will soon be back on the menu for local pub goers in Andover after Tim Abram of Andover Tap and Kate Griffin of Wessex Spirits teamed up after Kate bought the historic building

Tim Abram who owns The Andover Tap and Kate Griffin who owns Wessex Spirits will be teaming up to restore the much loved pub back to a place that people can enjoy once again. Kate will be bringing her much loved Gin Palace to the historic building so you can be sure of brilliant local gins made by Kate being available and also special Gin tasting evenings. Tim will be bringing his popular Andover Tap with a passion for local real ale and lager. Their knowledge together will make for a brilliant experience for the town.

Tim told us “We’re absolutely delighted to be able to try and bring back The Lamb, excited and its a little bit scary at the same time. We plan to be offering, real and craft ales and lagers, along with a great food offering with local produce”

The historic pub which was a leader in the real ale scene after Wadworths bought it in 1954 and it became their first pub in Andover. After 60 years of ownership the pub was sold and now after 7 years in the hands of BeWiser the pub looks to be finally getting back to it’s roots with local owners with experience and expertise in the trade.

Local members of the Campaign for Real Ale regularly listed the pub in its Good Beer Guide and in 2000 made a special award to the company’s longest serving landlady, the wonderful Leonie Rickards who many will remember.

Tim and Kate are excited and looking forward creating a brilliant place and has some big plans and the pair are investing as much as they can but you can have an impact as Tim has set up a crowdfunding page, Tim added, “We have a lot to do to get it back to a working state, including a full redecoration of the bar areas, reinstalling beer pumps and lines, new and refurbished furniture, new signage, and we need as much help as we can get, hence the crowd funding. Well be investing as much as we can, but want people to feel it’s really is their pub, not just a commercial opportunity”.

For Kate this is the ideal opportunity for Wessex Spirits to expand and grow her business but keeping her ethos of a personalised service and of course bespoke gin with production moving to the new premises. Kate told us “I acquired the Owl’s Nest as I needed more space to grow Wessex Spirits and expand its offering. I’ll be moving production and Tasting Rooms over there as soon as all the licences come through. But for me the place is huge!

“I wanted another local business that shared my ethos to come and join me and knew it had to be The Andover Tap! Tim shares my feelings about working with local businesses, supporting each other and promoting quality produce crafted locally. We’ve worked together for years any way and spending more time together at the InAndover Shared Shop meant we knew we could work together well”

Both Kate and Tim have businesses in the town and are passionate about the future of Andover “We really want to help Andover become a more vibrant, exciting, and pleasant place to be and visit. Rescuing a 300 year old Andover institution seems an ideal way of investing in the Town” Tim added.

The pair are no strangers with each other as they both share space in Andover BID’s successful InAndover Shared Shop and no doubt that their collaboration there gave them time to discuss this opportunity. The pair will also be remaining in the shared shop. The InAndover shared shop has become a great initiative and creative director of the shared shop Becky Speculo told us “I’m thrilled that two of our first six businesses are expanding and taking on a lease in the old Lamb Pub and breathing new life back in to it for Andover.”

The larger venue means Kate’s regular gin tasting events will be happening, Kate added “I love doing my personalised gin tasting, which has proven popular – so in my larger event space so great for corporate dos but also groups of friends. But I’m still offering private virtual gin tasting sessions which worked so well in lockdown – but are still great if you have family and friends spread over the country, or don’t want to drive or get a babysitter so friends gather together in someone’s house and I can zoom in and join them”.

This amazing duo have some brilliant plans for this to return as a community pub and you can help Tim see the crowdfunding page and already £1420 has been raised.