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Let them eat mash!

Andover Isolation Help Help Group John Watson Victoria Harber

The Andover Isolation Group have had a helping hand from a local fruit and veg supplier.

Kenyon’s on Weyhill Road have donated the volunteer group with ‘spuds galore’ to help feed the hungry mouths of young people at Pilgrim’s Way School.

Teachers looking after children of keyworkers at the Andover school contacted the Andover Isolation Help Group to see if they could help feed over 50 hungry mouths who are on free school meals.

“Of course we agreed”, said Victoria Harber from the Help Group. “Only then did we work out the logistics of how to do it”, she added.

Nicky Kenyon and the team from Kenyon’s Yard came to the rescue.  The long-established fruiterers on Weyhill donated a week’s supply of potatoes. Cooper Foods on Portway also assisted with the supply of sausages.

John Watson from the Andover Isolation Help Group was in the middle of packing the meals as he told local radio station 95.9FM Andover Radio that this will be an ongoing exercise, “We’re packing up the food now which will be collected and delivered by the volunteers at Veterans in Action.

“We are really grateful to everyone at Kenyon’s for their help.

“This week we are preparing sausage and mash and next week we are looking doing spaghetti bolognese with all the pasta that’s been donated to the Help Group.

“We’re now trying to source some mince. So, if anyone can help we’d love to hear from you.”

The phone number for the Andover Isolation Help Group is: 01264 748946.

Sausages fro Cooper Foods Andover Isolation Help Group

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