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Let’s get people talking about World Down Syndrome Day in Andover

What is Down’s syndrome?

Down’s syndrome is caused by the presence of an extra chromosome in a baby’s cells. In the majority of cases, Down’s syndrome is not an inherited condition. Down’s syndrome usually occurs because of a chance happening at the time of conception.

World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD), 21 March, is a global awareness day which has been officially observed by the United Nations since 2012.

On 21 March we all are asked us to wear #LotsOfSocks, You may be wondering, why socks?This is because chromosomes look like pairs of socks (under the microscope) and people with Down’s Syndrome have an extra chromosome. In fact, they have three copies of the 21st chromosome, (instead of the usual pair),

Local events

Some local schools are supporting this so check with your child’s school so that your children can join in.

Andover Window Wanderland has joined together with local charity Andover Twenty One to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day
For the month of March they invite us to decorate our windows with wonderfully colourful and creative odd socks.
They are delighted to host a competition where the winners of the most fun, colourful and creative odd sock displays will win a £20 voucher from Canto Gelato , (Andover’s Ice cream shop in the high street)
To enter please post your displays on the Andover Window Wanderland Facebook page no later than 22nd March and use the hashtag #oddsocksforandovertwenty1. The winners will be decided by representatives of Andover Window Wanderland, Andover Twenty One and Canto Gelato.

Click here to find more local events

Local support

Andover Twenty1 is a parent-led registered charity, with Charity Commission number 1183166.Their aim is to provide support and a range of educational services to people with Down’s Syndrome and their families within the local area. They have a great website that can explain more about what they do. Just head to

Andovertwenty1 supports children with Down’s Syndrome and their families within 25 miles of Andover, their work is funded by donations,the families helped by Andover Twenty1 benefit greatly from the regular support not just one-off activities. For example, pre-school Support Meetings and Early Development Groups both run monthly and School Outreach Services are termly. This ongoing support pays real dividend for the children creating a firm foundation for life.

To maintain this level of support they have annual fundraising targets to achieve and to this end every penny does count. Please do donate what you can whenever you can safe in the knowledge you are supporting children with Down’s syndromes and their families in your community. Click here to donate

Donna Jackson is a local Andover mum who is an inspirational campaigner, and mum who has turned a challenging situation into something far greater. After finding out that her daughter Frankie has Down’s Syndrome, Donna created a Facebook page Frankie says Relax about T21. She offers support to others and to strive to raise money and help educate people about Down’s Syndrome.