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Local author launches new book: Faze – The City of Addicts

The Popular farm played host to the launch of local author Martin Whites new book, Faze – The city of addicts. The book of fiction began as a series of short stories was inspired by personal life experiences. 

Martin tells us about the book “Faze the city of addicts is a dystopian fiction, is about a world where the society is forced into slavery by taking a drug that they become addicted too and if they don’t take it the next day they die so they have to work to get that drug”.

Martin’s inspiration came from the Brother’s Grimm which helped shaped his creative ideas Martin added “I started off writing a selection of short stories based on modern day concepts. So Goldilocks was a drug addict, Humpty dumpty was a anarchist. So I changed the names up and a subtle wink at the fairy tales of old and now it’s a  dark dystopian tale.”

The book wasn’t plain sailing and Martin actually finished the book in 2017 but Martin’s perfection for his vision saw him start from scratch “It was long winded, I finished the book in 2017 and had 120,000 words, left and went back to it a couple of months later and it was terrible so I had to press delete on 120,000 words and start again. Although the main concept was in my head it didn’t work as it was. In total it took 3 years from start to published. I’m delighted with the end product and really hope people enjoy my book”

Martin isn’t stopping here and has already continued with more books Martin added “The sequel is finished and got to do the second draft and looking to get that out in the next year. I’m currently writing another book which is a dark fairy tales that is set in Cornwall, called Splinters that is about little creatures that live in the wood. So excited to be writing this, lots of exciting ideas that are coming along nicely”

Martin will be out and about promoting his book in Andover. He will be at the Geek Emporium on the 30th October.
Find out more at www.authormjwhite.wordpress.com his book is available on Amazon.