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Local Author’s Free Book Download

Local author Martin McGregor is offering you the chance to download his latest eBook free for five days From this Friday (09/11/18) for five days only, you can obtain his latest novel on eBook format absolutely free. Saving you £1.99 on the eBook cost price.

Martin has been writing for a few years now, and continues to grow as an author receiving impressive reviews. All of the 24 series have reached the top ten in the free occult eBook sections on Amazon, and three have actually made number one. 

This is the latest in the 24 series, and again Andover features heavily. In this novel, an evil creature seeks revenge on Atlanta for destroying its offspring. After murdering the closest people to her, it beds itself in under the town church. From its new lair, it’s evil spreads using deceit and trickery to convince the faithful to sacrifice themselves. It’s sole purpose is to gain enough power to send this world into eternal darkness. Only one girl has the power to face her, but Atlanta is standing against a foe that is more powerful than she can ever imagine. Will she survive the battle, you can find out by clicking this link.