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New Andover book supports ‘Rocks’ event

Andover Rocks Andover Poetry Anthology

Andover’s annual ‘musical intervention’ event which promotes good mental health through music and words is back this year.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic – which put an end to the usual live music events at local venues – Andover Rocks continues and has taken a different approach this year.

The normally week-long series of events are all being held online this year. 

Founder and co-organiser, local musician Marie Ponting told Andover Radio, “Our events now run on a rotating monthly basis online and include drumming workshops (Andy Pomphrey), Expressions to Word (Dan Hooks) and singing workshops (Kim Garner).

“It’s all very new to us and all very scary for us – but live music festivals are now way off and we wanted to make sure we do something to help people’s mental wellbeing during these difficult times.

“Our workshops are great fun are hosted via online video platforms. 

“Our meditation workshops are proving to be exceptionally poplar. We are also doing acoustic nights; the next is 13th March 2021 and there is another in April.”

These events are available to book and join through the Andover Rocks Facebook page.

The event uses a wide series of expressive and creative arts such as holistic therapies, words and music to engage with people and help manage mental health.

As part of the event, local poet Dan Hooks in partnership with Love Andover has compiled and published a book called, ‘Anthology of Andover Poems’.  The book features 21 poems about Andover written by local people. 

Proceeds from the sale of the book which is available to purchase here will go to the Andover Rocks cause.

Dan says, “The aim of this anthology is to show both the richness and vastness of Andover’s past, present and future through poetry as an art form by local people.

“The poems that were chosen reflect what Andover means to these local writers and will be of interest to people who want to dig beneath the surface of what’s happened.”

Poems in the book cover topics such as the Workhouse Scandal, St Mary’s Church and the Andover Carnival.

Paul Williams from Andover Rocks added, “Andover Rocks has raised over £8,000 to support local music intervention projects such as funding for music lessons for two local charities a music therapist and music sessions for a mother and baby group.

“We are exceptionally proud of Dan as one of our team members and wish every success for the book”.

The publication was designed and printed by local company Bulpitt Print on East Portway. Paul and Andrew Bulpitt told us, “There’s a great community here in Andover and being part of that is important for us a company . We support many projects each year and Love Andover is now in the centre of offering Andover entertainment alongside community support. 

“The poetry book is a fantastic project and we hope that the work our graphics team, alongside the print, helps show what talented people we have in Andover.”


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