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New business forged in the pandemic set to officially open new showroom

From a back garden in Hurstbourne Tarrant an engineer made his parents a unique Christmas present after struggling to find anywhere to get it made. With the pandemic affecting careers the opportunity to launch a business was on the cards.

Fast forward a couple of years and a business was born, Hurstbourne Forge which now has a brilliant workshop and showroom on West Portway industrial estate. Jack Swanborough and his brother Harry can design and make pretty much anything made from metal using their high-tech equipment.

The journey started with a home-built workshop in Jacks back garden where he was asked by many of the neighbours to make them special unique pieces for their garden. Jack and Harry now do many small and unique items to large industrial metal work. From patio furniture to parts for tanks and classic cars the brother’s say if it’s made from metal, ‘we can pretty much make you anything‘.

After a successful year in which they made many items and sold online and locally, they decided to expand due to demand and set up on West Portway in September 2020. Now they have made a showroom and have an exciting event on Saturday 11th September from 2pm-6pm where there will be the opportunity to see the brother’s work and take part yourself.

Harry’s motor trade skills and experience comes in handy as they get a lot of requests for parts for classic cars. Harry told us “It’s brilliant working with my brother we really compliment each other and offer different skillset to achieve our customer’s design ideas”

Jack told us “The pandemic affected us both with our careers but what we have created through making Mum a Christmas present to where we are now through hard work and determination is incredible. We are really excited to invite people here and see what we are about and the amazing work we can do. We will also be offering courses in the near future where you can come here and design something and we help you forge it”

The event is Saturday 11th September at West Portway 2pm-6pm for more information visit