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Pop on your creative hats shape Andover’s new public art

Test Valley Borough Council will be holding three public art consultations this summer to help shape future artwork for Andover town centre. 

Using funding available through Section 106 agreements for public art, the council has commissioned artist Alex Hoare to help creatively engage with residents and stakeholders to gain a better understanding about opinions on existing artworks in the town.

Through the upcoming interactive consultations, Alex and representatives from the council will give members of the public the opportunity to share their views and propose ideas for future creations. All of the suggestions and information gathered from these sessions will then be used to inform a proposal for two original pieces of public art which are to be installed in Andover’s new riverside park.

The park was completed earlier this year and offers a tranquil green space in the centre of town where people can play, picnic and relax. Benches have been installed overlooking the river and the area is full of luscious green trees and plants creating a picture-perfect backdrop for the new pieces of art. Test Valley Borough Council will be drawing on inspiration from the park to help guide the consultations over the next couple of months.

The first consultation will take place on Sunday 20 June where visitors can explore the heritage of the riverside park and the River Anton. Activities will include building a Viking boat, writing poetry and designing a photo frame to capture moments inside the park.   

The second consultation on Saturday 26 June will review trails and connections, and participants will be able to create maps of the riverside park and contribute drawings and writings.

The final consultation will run on Sunday 4 July and will focus on river stories. Visitors will have the chance to make river creatures and tell their stories, while taking an in-depth look at the river and its natural habitat.

Leader of Test Valley Borough Council, Councillor Phil North, said “When planning to install two new pieces of art in Andover, we always envisaged this as a collaboration between the council and the local community. We want to make sure that we capture the imagination of people living, working and visiting the town so that we can produce something truly special that will be enjoyed now and for years to come.

I hope that people enjoy taking part in the consultations and having the opportunity to work together to inspire the vision for the town’s new public art.”   

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