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Pur-fect place for cat lovers may be coming to Andover

An impressive 14 year old from Andover has a dream to open up Andover’s first Cat-fe that could become reality after receiving a boost from a local business to mentor him.

The idea of the Cat-fe has had a positive response from the community and the process has begun to get this off the ground. Jack Waue is looking to work with cat charities & groups, to help homeless cats find their forever homes whilst helping people understand what it takes to look after a wonderful cat. This would be done through a Cat Cafe.

Cat loving Jack idea took shape as he entered the Youth in Test Valley Awards in October. The contest was to find the next business leader of Test Valley.

The awards were open to 14-18 year-olds in the area with the winner getting £1,000 to start their own business and get a 12 month mentorship. They were created by Bringing Together Andover CIC which was set up to provide benefits to the residents of Andover.

Nominations closed on October 16 with the awards ceremony taking place on December 2. Unfortunately, Jack didn’t win but his idea caught the attention of award sponsors New Street Dental Care, who saw potential in jack and the cat-fe and will assist and mentor Jack through the process.

Jack is currently aiming to raise £250 to test the water and see what further interest could be gained from the community. Those who choose to donate can retain their email receipt as donations of £5 or more will be redeemable as payment for a booking for one hour at the Andover café. This will serve as a thank you in its first two weeks of opening.

Jack created a Go Fund Me page which has so far raised £185. He has also created a Facebook page, The Andover Cat-Fe where the idea has gained praise.