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Santa delivers again for charity

The Andover Santa Cruises have had a brilliant Christmas time spreading joy across Andover and raising money for the Countess Of Brecknock Hospice, a whopping £6,400.

The team presented the cheque to the hospice today (03/01/2023) to a jubilant team. Andover Santa Cruises annually do this for the hospice and this years total is a record.

The cruise saw Santa go to different areas of Andover with a team of elves that spread cheer and joy to families. Buckets were out raising the money as well as Just Giving page. This year also saw Santa go on a booze cruise as he travelled across many pubs in the local area.

Andover Santa Cruises is headed up by Andover Community Events (ACE) who continually organise events for the local area and raise money to local causes.

Andover Radio got involved too as I (Ben Tuffin) volunteered to go on one of the cruises and had such a great time helping and raising money.

Speaking from their Facebook page their post said:

“Andover you have once again surpassed yourselves as we have just had the great pleasure of handing over a cheque for £6,400 to Countess of Brecknock Hospice from the various collections of our Santa Cruises. Over 50% more than last year after a number of grottos, visits, cruises, personal appearances and even a booze cruise!

“Totalling 330 voluntary man hours, Santa is nothing without his incredible team of elves and supporters. Thanks to everyone that came and saw our Santa somewhere, you are part of the reason we love this town so much. See you all in about 11 months time!!”