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Shop Local: Cooper Foods

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The words shop local are more than important in these testing times for local businesses. With the CONVID-19 lock down extended for another 3 weeks, many businesses who have not shut are having to adapt how they operate in the conditions that they are all abiding by.

Andover has a brilliant array of local businesses, and many have adapted to continue operating to provide their products and services to customers.

Here at Andover Radio and Love Andover we are passionate about our town and the many businesses, which is why on April 1st we showed our support to these businesses and announced that we would not be billing our current clients and offering FREE (Not discounted or special price) advertising on Andover Radio with online advertising too.

Every day we will highlight one business a day as part of our free advertising campaign in support for our local business community.

Today we focus on Cooper Foods:

Established in 1986 by Mark and Will Cooper, Cooper Foods Andover is a family run Fishmonger & Meat wholesaler, delivering high quality fresh and frozen food supplies to caterers working across the south of England.

Specialising in wholesale fish, wholesale beef, deli and wholesale desserts, they now provide a range of over 1700 products to the catering industry; delivering quality, affordable wholesale food 6 days a week.

They supply many of the local restaurants and eateries in and around Andover.

With the CONVID-19 situation, Cooper Foods have adapted their business to the retail sector, allowing the public to purchase their quality food.

You can order fresh food either online or over the phone. You can collect from their premises which is located on Portway business park or they will deliver to your door (Following government guidelines). Contact them on 01264-321050 or visit and buy on their website.

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