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Sure-fire success on Father’s Day

A local Andover Dad, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells us what Dads really want on Father’s Day.

I know we are awkward and not easy to buy for. Ask us what we want, and we are likely to say something ‘dad like’ perhaps “Just a bit of peace and quiet” or “There’s nothing I need, don’t waste your money”. But secretly we know that for many of us disappointment looms on Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is almost upon us and you are probably wondering just what on earth to get. Can you find that perfect gift or will your Father’s Day present be bought in a last-minute panic buying frenzy?

So, pulling together all the knowledge I have acquired as father, stepfather and child here are my tips for Father’s Day success.

  1. Do something with him or ring him – often forgotten but some 1 on 1 time (even with social distancing) or just a call will go down well and is easy to arrange.  Talking to other dad’s this is what they would all appreciate.
  2. Give him a lie-in – a simple option but often well received if you follow it up with his favourite breakfast when he decides to get up. There is nothing like the laziness of not having to get up early and not having to make breakfast.
  3. Food or drink – always a sure-fire hit, especially if you know his favourite tipple or food guilty pleasure. It could be arranging a home delivery or even cooking him his favourite dish if you live with him.
  4. Tap into his hobbies – always a good one though comes with a word of warning. Make sure you buy something he would like particularly if he is serious about his hobby and has specific interests.
  5. Do not resort to novelty socks or ties – unless it really is his thing. I suspect I am like many fathers having owned many but worn very few.
  6. Do not leave it until the last minute – this is a recipe for disaster. You might just pull something out of the bag, but you are likely to end up with that pressie you wish you had never bought.
  7. Listen to what he says – don’t dismiss things as ‘too obvious’. If has made some unsubtle hints about wanting something practical e.g. a hammer, walking socks or a watering can, these might just be the pressie that makes him happy.
  8. Beware of buying an ‘experience’ gift – he may end up with something that he probably did not want and will not enjoy but will use because it was given to him. Or maybe it will just get hidden in a drawer and wasted.
  9. Do not buy anything with ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ – unless he is a new dad then he probably will really love it.
  10. Do think about making something even if it’s just the card – nothing shows you care like you have taken time to create something special for your dad.

I hope you have found this useful. These are my thoughts but of course your dad might be quite different so go with what you know is my best advice.