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The A-Z of love part 2

Gracious You give love full of grace This heart respects that Can’t you see that with the beam of a smile lighting Up my face Heart This heart love loves you...

Poet's Corner

The A-Z of Love ( part 1 of 4)

Affection Attached at the hip We care about each other A kiss from a pair of lips Shows we love one another The warmth of two hearts Goes best together May we...

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Once in a land faraway part 1

Once in a land far away, was a woman she knelt to pray. she prayed for a child who could be the key to a new dawn of ages. The baby was conceived by union of...

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Poppy Red

Out of death comes a poppy red like blood the soldiers bled their sacrifice still shows In the red flowers that grow where they fought for our freedom. Someone...

Poet's Corner


We are free to be free to make our own destiny to shine like the sun to become one to hide under the moon under in the gloom to run with the deer to make worry...

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