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Poet's Corner

End credits

I just want to be your end credits I want to be there when you read it I am the watcher in the dark no spark  can light my face a detective case cannot...

Poet's Corner

Cry from a River

I was born high in the mountains. Hurrying, crashing down. Trying to follow my friends, To reach my destination. Trees were my guardians, protecting me. Like...

Poet's Corner

My mind’s a kaleidoscope

My mind’s a kaleidoscope  looking at the colours shimmering  a glimpse of glimmering  reflections never the same  when the illusion is a...

Poet's Corner


Laughter is good for you That’s what I have heard You can’t always be serious It would be absurd. Laughter is a medicine It can help along a cure Find some fun...

Poet's Corner

As I look down on the world

As I look down on the world I see myself more clearly everything I achieved and nearly everything I fought for all seems small now everything I sought for...

Poet's Corner

Touched by the Muse’s hand

Kissed by chaos touched by the Muse’s hand penned by blood stained by the red exploding into my own head. Reaping the rhythms of un-danceable music the...

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