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Test Valley’s 2020 ‘Time Capsule’ made by you, for you

Test Valley Borough council, supported by Peter Thompson and Anna Vickers from TV Capsule are inviting people from all over Andover and the Test Valley to take part in a community film project. The project is designed to get people to record something that either matters to you, that you care passionately about or how you feel about living in Test Valley during 2020.

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least and has thrown the unthinkable to many. This community project is about bringing people together to showcase what Andover and Test Valley’s local people have been up to during the pandemic and how we have adapted this year.

All you need to do is record a short film on your phone or camera and send it to TV Capsule. They are asking to hear about the things that matter to you, what you care about, who or what is important to you and how you feel about living in the Test Valley at this memorable time. We’ll be bringing all these films together in a kind of video ‘time capsule’ for 2020

Local artist, Andy Pomphery was involved in the making of the promotional video told Andover Radio 95.9fmthe project is generating an authentic visual experience of Andover and the Test Valley.’ He went on to say ‘It’s accessible for all and can be filmed from the comfort of your home.’

The project is open to everyone and anyone, whatever your level of experience with film.

The deadline to get submissions in is the 31st December 2020

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You may be apprehensive if you have never made a film before but it couldn’t be simpler with the tips given by the team to get your message across in the best way possible.

Step 1 Preparation:- What is it that you want to say? You’ve got up to three minutes, so think about a beginning, middle and end. Keep your film short and concise if you can – you can submit anything from between 1 – 3 minutes – it’s all welcome!

Step 2 Keeping it steady:-One thing that will automatically improve the quality of your film will be to keep the camera still, or steady. Shaky footage is difficult to watch.

Step 3 Getting the right sound:-It would be easy to assume that because you are making a film that the sound or audio would not be so important – you may want to think about any background noises such as pets, radio, the wind. Before you start recording stop and have a listen.

Step 4 Composition:-Before you press record, there are some more decisions to make – how are you going to frame your shot and what are you going to include. TV capsule recommend using landscape, ensuring that you check all 4 corners to make sure no one is in the background.

Step 5 Exposure and light:- Important tips from TV Capsule suggest to avoid filming in front of a window, turn the camera around and you will have even natural lighting.

All the films submitted will be added to the TV Capsule collection, to be kept for future generations. We will be creating an edited longer version featuring a selection of the submitted films.

If staring at a blank page makes you nervous think about:

  • How will we look back at our lives in the Test Valley in 2020?
  • What will we remember about this time and what has been most significant?
  • Where is the place you have found inspiration or comfort?
  • What makes us who we are? Who are the people and what are the things that we most care about?
  • How are you at this moment in time? How have you coped with getting through the last year?
  • What does your community mean to you?

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