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The Adventures of Pinocchio

Oddsocks Productions will pull on your strings this winter with a new, heart-warming and comic adaptation of Pinocchio at The Lights on 8 January

Theatre company Oddsocks are celebrating their 30th anniversary year as they prepare to tour the UK and the Channel Islands from December. This time, the team known for bringing classic tales to life with a difference will be adding their inimitable trademark humour, live music and audience interaction to Carlo Collodi’s classic tale in Andy Barrow’s brand-new piece, ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’.

The Derby based, family-run theatre company has been creating innovative and hilarious adaptations of classic texts since 1989 and their latest production promises to be no exception. Whether it’s a live on-stage car chase (Romeo and Juliet, 2009) or Prospero as a Star Wars Jedi (The Tempest, 2018), Oddsocks exceed boundaries when it comes to creating memorable and unique comedy productions of the classics.

Pinocchio is a poignant tale that focuses on the themes of family, transformation, morality and what it takes to become a ‘real’ human. Dating back from 1881, Pinocchio has proved to be a versatile classic, accomplished by many authors and artists, from Carlo Collodi to Walt Disney.

From villains and vagabonds to fairies and giant fish, Pinocchio meets adversity and adventure with equal measure and a jolly good dose of humour. 

Will his father regret creating him?  Find out when Oddsocks breathe fresh air into this magical tale at The Lights on Wednesday, 8 January at 7.30pm.