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Young golfer drives into record books

On 22nd August 14-year-old Ayden Knight became the youngest player ever to win the men’s club championship at Andover Golf club.

Ayden played a superb round to take the win. A huge achievement from this young lad that deserves all the praise coming his way. After the win Ayden said “I need to do better”. Such a mature head on his shoulders at a young age with the will to not only win but knowing he can improve and that is a frightening thought for future opposition.

Ayden’s passion for golf is a joy to watch and seeing his achievements he has chalked up on his journey is a testament to the hard work he has put in. Whether Ayden is playing for fun or competition he gives it 100% but is always his biggest critic, even after a historic win.

Ayden is supported by his family who encourage his love of the sport, and it is this that shows that anything can be achieved, to don the famous phrase, impossible is nothing to Ayden as he keeps improving and achieving incredible feats.

Ayden, a Rookwood student, is the current UK national schools champion and has represented Wiltshire in the under 12’s, 14’s, 16’s and even the under 18’s. Ayden has found his talent overseas and has competed on the European circuit too, not only competing but winning the European golf tour….twice. Ayden did have to settle for a 3rd place finish at the UK under 14 championships, Ayden shared that he was “gutted” about this. Through sheer will and support from his family to win the men’s club championship and becoming the youngest ever is a huge achievement, at 14 years old I think my biggest achievement was completing Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64,  a feat I’m proud of to this day.

Ayden’s dream is to become a professional golfer and at the rate he is going at he is well on course.

This young man is one to watch.