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Bernie ‘braves the shave’ for Naomi House & Jacksplace

Local resident Bernie Lucker braved the shave on 29th October, fundraising for Naomi House, raising over £1000.

On Thursday 28th October Naomi House were in the town centre raising awareness and promoting their Christmas fun run and Bernie was on hand to help promote. Over the past couple of months Bernie has been raising money and growing his hair in preparation for the shave, he passionately went around local business for support and was overwhelmed with the response he got.

Bernie managed to get over 50 business donate prizes for Naomi House who raffled off the prizes on Thursday, over £1000 worth of prizes were raffled. Then on Friday the weather was bleak but that didn’t damper Bernie’s spirits. Bernie who has raised over £1000 for his shave pressed ahead and in front of the busy trade got his head shaved and his chest and arms waxed.

Bernie told us “It was brilliant. Iris Anderson came down and took a strip off my chest. It was all for a good cause with over 50 business donating prizes for the raffle. The day before they were promoting their Xmas fun run and I was there to help them.

They did their raffle. Over £1000 was raised for Naomi House so was all a good day. Head, beard and chest waxed and arms. It’s cold but I have a beanie to keep me warm”