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Building Dreams: Keiran’s Marvelous Journey from Fan to Inventor of an Iron Man Suit

From flashing lights to the laser shooting hands Keiran’s thought of it all!

With high aspirations, Keiran, a student at The Wellington Academy was inspired by his love of Marvel and Robert Downey Jr’s character Tony Stark to create his very own Iron Man suit. His inspirations began with a YouTube video and ended with an all singing all dancing suit. The school have contacted Robert Downey Jr’s team along with the Walt Disney Company to share Keiran’s inspirational story.

Keiran’s dream job would be to become an architect, creating and designing is a passion for him and something his teacher say he has excels in. Beginning with a Black Panther block in school, Keiran has been improving and growing with his work throughout his time at The Wellington Academy.

Keiran’s love of Marvel and Iron Man has developed as he grew up, and extends to Tony Stark being a big figure in his life, Keiran has been inspired by the ‘Stark Industry’, giving him an idea of the career path, he wants to now follow. With the idea of wanting to become an architecture Keiran decided to use the Iron Man suit as a challenge and many of his other creations, to build on his career.

Iron Man first debuted in March 1963 in the Marvel comics, it was then later he was brought to theatres by actor Robert Downey Jr in 2008. The movie was the first from The Infinity Saga to be released in theatres. The Infinity Saga is the Marvel Cinematic Universe of films, a saga that led up to the final battle in the End Game.

Keiran went on to say “From a young age, me and my twin brother Keigan have always been really creative and loved Art and DT, we have made little props and gates out of paper and cardboard. My father then introduced us to Marvel which we instantly fell in love with, me a bit more then my brother.

However, we both love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we started making a working Spider-Man web shooter, that shoots out little sticks from our wrists. For me, I was always fascinated on Iron Man, I made an Iron Man suit when I was 6-9 years old. It wasn’t very good but from then on, I and my brother got better and better at making cool projects.

I got to the point where I made the iron man helmet after seeing the new mechanical one that sold for lots of money, so I thought I’ll make one of those and then that being the start to the creation of the suit.”

“My mum and dad are constantly supportive, my mum would go out of her way and get me everything I need, and my dad would help me improve my creations by giving me advise on what I could change in good detail. My sister would also make an impact on my creative side, she would give me and my brother new ideas that we could work together to make, although I made the Iron Man suit all by myself.

My brother did help me with a small portion of the suit, due to all of the support, I was determined to finish the Iron Man suit for world book day and when I had finished the suit, I took it to world book day at school where it became really popular amongst all the students. Seeing its popularity, my DT teacher gave me the opportunity to show more people the suit in a show at school for food, art and DT showcasing students work.

From this I was able to really improve the original design, my teacher allowed me to work on it and trusted me to appropriately use the tools needed to improve the suit, so that’s how and why I created the Ironman suit.”

Samantha Hadrick, Keiran’s teacher commented “We are extremely proud of Keiran and his designs. From the very beginning of him starting his classes, he had great passion for his work and based a lot of his designs around Marvel. He had even previously created a helmet before he began his Iron Man suit. I really look forward to seeing the work that Keiran goes on to produce in the future.”